About Us

Seaworthy Marine Survey and Consulting is centrally located along the shore of Lake Michigan north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We offer survey and consulting work to private boaters, insurance companies, financial institutions, and trustees throughout Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Upper Michigan. See the Boat Buyers/Boat Owners Services or Professional Consulting Services pages for more information about our offerings.


Geoff Grainger – AMS©, CMI, is the Principal Marine Surveyor and owner of SMS&C. Geoff has resided in Wisconsin since 1974 and has been in boating since 1982. He is an Accredited Marine Surveyor with the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, a Certified Marine Investigator through the International Association of Marine Investigators, and an active member of the American Boat and Yacht Council.

Geoff graduated from The Chapman School of Seamanship’s Yacht and Small Craft Survey Program studying marine survey and earned admission to the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS). Since admission, he continues to study the trade and its disciplines both as a student and instructor for the referenced trade organizations. Collateral areas of study include fire investigation and metallurgical failure analysis. For a full list of current memberships and credentials, click here.

Prior to going into business as a marine surveyor, Geoff worked for Wisconsin’s most famous motorcycle manufacturer with the team that designed and supported the vehicle diagnostics system. He also spent many years restoring boats with the most recent project being a 1977 Bertram 33 Convertible.

Seaworthy Marine Survey is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in fulfilling the needs of our customers. While we have employee(s) and contractors who work under the business name, it all comes back to Geoff Grainger as the full time owner and proprietor. Our signature, our theme, and the basis of our company culture is, “At your service.” Albeit a simple, common phrase, it represents our attitude and pervades our work product.