Electric Shock Drowning – NEVER swim in a marina

I placed this post on Facebook and on LinkedIn. It needs to be here as well. It will be a recurring topic since it prays on our kids and is just recently answered the question of so many unexplained drowning’s.

Electric Shock Drowning – a fresh water issue. This winter I have attended three continuing education seminars / training events. The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors annual conference, The American Boat and Yacht Council certification course for Marine Electrician, and the International Association of Marine Investigators annual conference. In all three this topic is getting a lot of talk time as our boats are equipped with more and more creature comforts. As I inspect boats, the other aspect is DIY electrical work and household appliances being used on boats. Many deaths in fresh water marinas, whose cause was not conclusive, are now suspected drownings or electrocution from ground faults found on shore power and vessel systems. 15 milliamps can paralyze someone to the point that they lose the ability to swim. Beth Leonard authored an article that is worth a read if you spend anytime in and around fresh water, particularly swimming around boats and energized docks.