International Association of Marine Investigators – CMI


Attention Marine Insurance and Law Enforcement Professionals. I am going to take the opportunity this week to introduce and promote a remarkable organization in the marine industry. Since I may have as many readers from the insurance industry as I do private boaters, it seems appropriate to hit a topic which may be of particular interest to all of you in the claims and underwriting world.

The International Association of Marine Investigators,  founded in 1986 as the National Association of Marine Investigators, has since developed into an International organization which serves as a foundation made up of primarily three converging professions, law enforcement, marine insurance professionals, and private investigators, inclusive of marine surveyors and fire investigators.

The foundational intent was the develop a network for combating marine theft and fraud since resources were very limited due to many factors in the marine world. What developed has far exceeded the original purpose. The International meetings are a resource for the best of the best in industry training specific to marine systems.

The organization has founded an industry recognized certification, the CMI or Certified Marine Investigator which involves an intense curriculum of subjects that cross professions and borders. To be invited to challenge the exam, pass it, and earn the designation of Certified Marine Investigator requires expanding one’s scope of study beyond their professional niche and beyond their country of residence.

I am going to take this opportunity to brag a bit and express my pride in successfully earning this designation last week. I confess that I am not easily challenged by exams, particularly when it is required to have at least a couple years to study, before being invited to take the exam. But I was definitely challenged by this exam. There are now only 92 CMI’s in the world, which is testament to the intensity of study and exam.

But, I did not break my series of articles just to pat myself on the back for a job well done. It is my hope that many of you in law enforcement and the insurance industry consider participating in this organization. You don’t need to pursue the CMI to get value from the resources. The value is in the training opportunities and the networking with fellow insurance and law enforcement professionals that have many stories about how the training and contacts they made resulted in recoveries and resolved cases.

It is very unusual to see an organization succeed in crossing such a broad range of professions, even over a common general industry. Many try and most fail to appeal to all professions and maintain the level of quality and value to sustain, let alone keep growing.

Take the opportunity to click on this link ( to IAMI’s website to learn a little more about what they can do for you. Reach out to the great staff at their International HQ or drop me an email if you want to learn more about it.

Personally, I am honored to be part of the organization and a better investigator for having endeavored to participate in the training and to earning the CMI certification. Thanks to everyone at IAMI for a great conference this year, once again.

Geoff Grainger, SA

Certified Marine Investigator – IAMI